Earn rewards in Dragon Blood and Dragon Glory by expanding your Steam wishlist with Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show!





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Follow these simple steps to participate:

Sign into your 101XP.com account

Click the “Add to wishlist” button

Sign into your Steam account

Click the “Add to wishlist” button on Steam

Congratulations, participant!

All participants will recieve valuable gifts in Dragon Blood and Dragon Glory, while 10 of the luckiest users will also get a copy of the brand new game Redneck Ed, coming soon to Steam


How long will the promotion last?

The promotion is valid from July 15 through August 20 inclusive.

How many gifts can one participant receive?

Every participant will receive 1 promo code for Dragon Blood and 1 for Dragon Glory, as well as up to 4 additional promo codes for both games whenever Redneck Ed will be added to a certain number of Steam wishlist. In addition, 10 randomly selected participants will receive a copy of Redneck Ed at the time of release.

Where can I claim my gift?

The initial reward will be sent to members signed into their 101XP.com accounts as soon as they add Redneck Ed to their wishlist. To receive the first gift, you need to click the "Add to wishlist" button, log into Steam, and add the game Redneck Ed to your wishlist there. Once you log into Dragon Blood or Dragon Glory afterward, a promo code will be waiting for you on the server selection screen. Activate it in-game to receive valuable rewards. Additional promo codes will become available in a similar fashion once we reach 1000, 3000, 6000, and finally 10 000 Steam wishlists.

How to claim my gifts if I join the promotion later on?

Whenever you add the game to your Steam wishlist, you will receive the initial promo code as well as the codes for any of the milestones that have already been reached.

How will I know if I have won a copy of Redneck Ed?

The winners will be announced on August 21 under the news section on 101XP.com as well as in our official group on social media Redneck Ed. Digital copies will be sent out by email on the day of the game's official Steam release.

How long will the promotion codes for Dragon Blood and Dragon Glory be valid for?

The promo codes will be valid until December 31, 2020.

Can I give a promo code I have won to another player?

Yes, you can give any of the promo codes to a friend, but keep in mind that a promo code from the same group (1 for adding the game to your wishlist and 1 for each of the milestones reached) can only be activated on the same account once!

What should I do to get all 5 promo codes for Dragon Blood and Dragon Glory?

Why not tell your in-game friends about this promotion? ;) The more players add the game to their wishlists - the more rewards everyone will get!

Hint 1 -->

Бронзовый сундук

Алмазы x250
Камень энергии жизни x100
Камень печати x10

Серебряный сундук

Алмазы x500
Часть ключа от башни x50
Печать опыта амулета IV x10

Золотой сундук

Алмазы x500
Небесный камень x50
Легендарная душа x500

Платиновый сундук

Алмазы x1000
Сундук выбора крыльев вознесения x4
Эссенция костюма x100
Hint 1 -->

Bronze Chest

Bronze Chest

Rubies x300
Fairy Weapon Book x2
Rare Soul Pack x1
Balens x500
Red Crystal x5
Element Substance x5

Silver Chest

Silver Chest

Rubies x500
Rune Giftbox lvl 5 x1
Faity Mount Enchanting Stones x5
Balens x750
Rune Soul Engraving Crystal x150
Red Crystal x10

Gold Chest

Gold Chest

Rubies x1000
Rune Giftbox lvl 7 x1
Faity Mount Enchanting Stones x10
Balens x1500
Orange Engraving Stone x10
Temporary Soul Circle Essence x40

Platinum Chest

Platinum Chest

Rubies x1500
Rune Giftbox lvl7 x2
Faity Mount Enchanting Stones x10
Faity Enchanting Stones x10
Balens x2000
Red Engraving Stonex10
Lvl 5 Medal Enchancing Stone x5